Major Claim: Defending a bushfire class action.

A class action was commenced against our client in the NSW Supreme Court in connection with a bushfire.

Disputed lottery win.

We assisted our client – the lucky winner of a $4.2million prize draw – to defend a claim by a third party to be joint winner.

Negotiating to restore shareholder relationships.

We assisted our client – a minority shareholder in two large Canberra-based private companies – to address concerns about management by the director/majority shareholder.

Successfully defending a deed of company arrangement.

We assisted our client – a deed administrator – to defend the validity of a deed of company arrangement in the Federal Court of Australia.

Trustee Claim: Realising equity in real property.

We assisted our client – a bankruptcy trustee – to settle multiple competing claims to equity in residential property.

Making informed choices, based on solvency status.

We assisted our client – who at the time was defending multi-million-dollar arbitral proceedings on an uninsured basis – to obtain a detailed solvency opinion.

Restructuring a group of private companies and exploiting valuable IP.

We assisted our client – director/shareholder of a group of health sciences with international reach – to restructure for tax effectiveness and to efficiently protect and exploit valuable IP.

Insurance coverage advice and declinature risk protection.

We assisted our client – whose workers accidentally caused a bushfire leading to greater than $20 million damage – to make an insurance claim and protect against declinature risk.

Consistent corporate governance and succession planning.

We assisted our client – one of several investors in multiple private companies – to achieve consistent corporate governance and succession planning.

Introducing flexibility into an outdated hybrid trust.

We assisted our client – one of two joint owners of a long-established local company – to introduce flexibility into outdated hybrid trust.

Restructuring and improving internal governance practices.

We assisted our client – a local, long-established early learning centre – to restructure and improve its internal governance practices.

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