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We prevent and solve legal problems. We can help you decide when to hold, fold, walk and run.

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“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away and know when to run.”

— Don Schlitz

Litigation means going to Court. Dispute resolution (or alternative dispute resolution, ADR) usually means ending a disagreement without going to Court. Examples include mediation, expert determination, and arbitration.

We all run into problems from time to time. While a spoon full of sugar will take you far, understanding your legal rights and risks is the true weapon.

A good litigation lawyer knows how to connect legal and commercial dots. She can identify and exploit leverage to advance your interests, and make you feel bold. Together, you will prevent and end legal disputes, so that you can move forward.


Namadgi Legal’s litigation and dispute resolution services include:

Shareholders & Partners
We help business owners and partners resolve their differences. Sometimes this means going to Court. Other times, a difficult conversation, a negotiation, or a mediation. Always, our focus is the best possible solution as quickly as possible.

Contracts & Negligence
We enjoy reading fine print and arguing the toss. We also love making valid claims, defending bad ones, and outsmarting our opponents. When you move forward, we know our work has made a difference.

Property & Leasing
Trying to run a business, turn a profit or build a home is hard. Disagreements between tenants and landlords, builders and clients, cost money and cause delay. We can help you regain focus, control, and composure.

Special rules apply to strata units, and strata litigation is a niche area. We work with owners and owners’ corporations to prevent and resolve strata disputes.

We work with both employers and employees. This give us perspective and balance. We bring and defend many types of employment law claims. We also advise in related areas such as workplace investigations (including public service code of conduct complaints), and discrimination law.

Sometimes insurers decline claims or require you to arrange separate legal representation. We can help you defend claims while insurance decisions are pending, navigate internal and external reviews, pursue insurers through Courts when coverage is declined, and more.

We know exactly what to do when goods are faulty, or services are below the expected standard. We can help you understand your rights and remedies and take legal action or settle when you need to.

Liquidator & Trustee Claims
Liquidator and trustee claims are our special favourite. We can help you with many kinds of claims. For example, claims for payment of money, recovery or sale of assets and allegations of wrongdoing. Our knowledge and experience will add value.

Deceased Estates
Not all wills are created equal, and grief plus money can sometimes equal disaster. Settling disputes about wills and deceased estates can take time and patience. Court proceedings are stressful and expensive. We can help you make decisions and achieve real progress.

We might not own a magic wand, but we know about fairness, good conscious, and the vibe. We can help you ask a Court for relief when black letter law falls short.

Our Process

We’re here every step of the way. Here’s what you can expect.

Step One

Initial Consultation

A 1-hour meeting to fill us in on the basics and decide if we are the right solicitors for you.

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Step Two

Scope & Costs Disclosure

After your initial consultation, we will provide a scope of work and costs disclosure for you to approve.

Step Three

Work Begins

After you approve our costs disclosure, we will commence work.

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