Wills and Powers of Attorney

Making a will and power of attorney is important; wills and powers of attorney must be drafted precisely and carefully, so that your last wishes are clear.

The team at Namadgi Legal is experienced and efficient, with an expert eye for detail.

Standard Service

Our ‘standard’ service includes:

  • Initial meeting with you (in person or by telephone or web-conference) to take your initial instructions (up to 1 hour).

  • Drafting your documents according to the instructions you provided during the initial meeting.

  • Preparing the final, execution copy of your documents, after you have reviewed our drafts, including attending to any minor amendments you may request (up to 30 minutes).

  • A further, final meeting with you to witness your signatures to your documents (up to 45 minutes).

  • Where appropriate, preparing and witnessing death benefit nominations for retail superannuation accounts.

  • A letter to you confirming execution of your documents, including a softcopy Estate Information Manual and guidance regarding how to safely store and secure your original documents.

Additional Services

Additional services include:

  • Preparation of death benefit nominations for self-managed superannuation.

  • Time spent reading and considering ancillary documents (e.g. family trust deeds and/or business succession documents).

  • Time spent liaising with your other professional advisors (e.g. accountants, financial planners) to, for instance, obtain copies of documents, clarify structures or collaborate to resolve the overall estate plan.

  • Time spent drafting any deeds or other documents complementary to your overall estate plan. For example, deeds of appointment (or similar) to effectively pass control of discretionary trusts.

  • Travel and waiting time for home or hospital visits.

  • Registration of original powers of attorney with Access Canberra or NSW Land and Property Information.

  • Except as specifically allowed for, time spent reading, considering and responding to questions by telephone or by email.

  • Safe custody storage.