At Namadgi Legal, we are experts in residential conveyancing for properties in the ACT and across NSW.

View our explainer video to learn more about our service and discover how easy the process can be.

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What do a unicorn and a friendly lawyer have in common? … Neither of them exist, but everyone wishes they did!

Namadgi Legal is a NEW kind of law firm – one filled with regular people. We don’t talk in complicated lawyer-speak, but instead communicate in YOUR language, explaining complicated legal topics patiently and clearly. To us, there’s no such thing as a silly question.

We use technology to make everything quick and easy.

We deliver the same superior service to mums and dads that we deliver to large business.

We are experts in property law, with experience at the front end (negotiating the deal) and at the back end (defending the deal, if things go wrong).

Our property lawyers are expert at buying residential property in the ACT and NSW. We can assist you to buy an existing house or house and land package, buy an existing unit or off the plan unit, or even buy vacant land or community title.

We can also assist you to move into a retirement village or simply downsize.

Or, if you’re thinking of selling residential property in the ACT or NSW, we have the right person, experience, and knowledge for the job.

We are also experts in corporate law, bankruptcy & insolvency, employment law, negligence and contracts law, and dispute resolution.

So, whether you’re a real estate agent looking to team with a group of professional lawyers who’ll use the latest technology to streamline the process—and are easy to work with too…

Or, you’re just a regular person who wants a trustworthy reliable lawyer to handle one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your life—your property…

Namagdgi Legal is here to help.

Visit our website, and send yourself a free instant quote, and see for yourself how we’re different. We’re an accessible, friendly, high tech choice.

Namagdgi Legal. We are authentic. We are adaptable. We are the solution. #JointherevolutionatNamadgi