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Court Appearances

Noone wants to go to court, but court appearances can become a reality for many of us. Sometimes when we least expect it. Lucky for you Namagi Legal love court appearances and can help you.

Whatever your role is in a case, court appearances can be a daunting and stressful experience. It is helpful to know a bit about what each court does, and what you can expect going into one.

Keep in mind that a court is a very formal environment with strict rules and processes, and you need to dress, speak, and behave accordingly.

At Namadgi Legal, we will help prepare you for your court appearance so you know what to expect. We can help with appearances in:

  • ACT: Magistrates Court, Supreme Court, ACAT

  • NSW: Local Court, District Court, Supreme Court

  • Federal Circuit Court of Australia

  • Federal Court of Australia

  • Fair Work Commission

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