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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

At Namadgi Legal we are experts at preventing and solving legal problems. We know when to hold, fold, walk and run. We’ve definitely got your back.

Disagreements can come up between you and your work, the neighbours or family members. Usually, people can resolve arguments between themselves. However, there are times where this isn’t possible due to the matter being either too complicated or the other party simply doesn’t want to negotiate with you. As a result, the ongoing dispute can cause a lot of unwanted stress. For this reason, the experts at Namadgi Legal aim to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently.

Whether the matter is big or small, falling anywhere between business to personal we have the right people to help. If you are having an issue with:

A. Business; bankruptcy, debt recovery,leasing,

B. A person; insurance, negligence, property, estate ,consumer claims,

C. Trusts or

D. A contract

Dispute Resolution

When we say dispute resolution, we mean fixing the problem without having to go to court (such as litigation). Comparatively, resolving the dispute outside of court gives you more control over the outcome because there is more flexibility when negotiating. In court, a judge decides the outcome thus, reducing the control you have. Moreover, going to court can be expensive and may take up a lot of time. The professionals at Namadgi Legal bear this in mind and aim to provide advice to suit your circumstances. In addition, we will negotiate with other parties keeping in mind your best interests.

For more information on different ways to solve problems, please visit ‘What is Dispute Resolution?‘.


Occasionally, trying to resolve the disagreement outside of court may not work. Under those circumstances, litigation may be the only option. Litigation describes bringing a lawsuit in a court or tribunal. We provide strategic advice which will help you obtain the best outcome possible. Additionally, Namadgi Legal will represent your interests and protect your rights when appearing in court

Regardless of the dispute – big or small, between people or businesses – we will handle handle it quickly and efficiently. Your dispute will be taken care by a team of experienced and efficient problem solvers.

Contact us today professional advice which is tailored to your unique needs.

We offer value-based pricing, including fixed fee for service and short or long-term fixed fee retainer.

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