In line with our commitment to flexible and efficient service delivery, we offer our clients a choice of three options to complete identity checks for ACT and NSW land transactions.

Option 1 – By appointment, at our main office

If you would like to make an appointment to meet with us, please visit our Online Booking form to make a “Identity Check” appointment at our main office.

You will please need to bring your original identity documents with you, and there are different requirements depending on the location of the property. These are the current ACT Requirements and these are the current NSW Requirements.

Option 2 – Australia Post

It is also possible to visit a participating Australia Post outlet. You will need to complete and take this form with you.

Option 3 – Certified Copies

In the ACT, it is also possible for you to have someone who isn’t related to you by birth or marriage (such as a work colleague), and who is authorised to witness statutory declarations, to certify copies of your identity documents which you can then email in to us. This is the current list of authorised persons.

Signing the Transfer

If you are selling/transferring your interest in the land in the ACT, or land in NSW and we are not using PEXA, you will also need to personally sign a paper form of Transfer in the presence of an unrelated adult witness.

If you prefer Options 2 or 3 we recommend that you wait to receive this document from us before having your ID checked. This way, you can take it with you for signing at the same time.

If you are buying/receiving a transfer in the ACT, or if we are using PEXA in NSW, we are able to sign the transfer on your behalf.