Selling Residential Property in the ACT or NSW

Conveyancing is about more just price, it is important to use a firm that is efficient, reliable and trustworthy.

Standard Service

Our ‘standard’ service includes:

  • Preparing (or reviewing) the sale contract and negotiating any necessary amendments.

  • Arranging exchange of contracts and notifying you of successful exchange.

  • Executing (or preparing) the required form of Transfer on your behalf, and (for buyers) facilitating stamp duty assessment and payment.

  • Where applicable, liaising with your mortgage broker and/or lender to facilitate loan advance (or discharge), including: delivering copies of the contract and Transfer (or preparing the discharge authority / request), obtaining available (or required) funds information and booking attendance at completion.

  • If you are buying land-only or an incomplete dwelling in the ACT: assisting you to collate the information required to support an application for Minister’s consent to transfer.

  • Ordering (or receiving) pre-completion searches and liaising with the other side to finalise the settlement statement and cheque directions.

  • Either arranging a settlement agent to attend physical settlement or (in NSW, if possible) attending to electronic settlement through PEXA.

  • Arranging completion, and a post-completion letter returning your original sale contract and other important documents for record keeping purposes.

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