Residential Conveyancing – ACT/NSW

Buying or selling property one of the biggest financial transactions people will make in their lifetime, so it’s essential to have expert advice from experienced conveyancing lawyers.

If you are looking for Conveyancing Solicitors in Canberra then you can rely on us. We are an accessible, friendly, hi-tech choice.

Please read our Conveyancing FAQ or view our Conveyancing Video for more information. You can even send yourself an obligation free instant-quote for buying, selling or family law transfers in the ACT/NSW.

Standard Service

Our ‘standard’ service includes:

  • Preparing (or reviewing) the sale contract and negotiating any necessary amendments.

  • Arranging exchange of contracts and notifying you of successful exchange.

  • Executing (or preparing) the required form of Transfer on your behalf, and (for buyers) facilitating stamp duty assessment and payment.

  • Where applicable, liaising with your mortgage broker and/or lender to facilitate loan advance (or discharge), including: delivering copies of the contract and Transfer (or preparing the discharge authority / request), obtaining available (or required) funds information and booking attendance at completion.

  • If you are buying land-only or an incomplete dwelling in the ACT: assisting you to collate the information required to support an application for Minister’s consent to transfer.

  • Ordering (or receiving) pre-completion searches and liaising with the other side to finalise the settlement statement and cheque directions.

  • Either arranging a settlement agent to attend physical settlement or (in NSW, if possible) attending to electronic settlement through PEXA.

  • Arranging completion, and a post-completion letter returning your original sale contract and other important documents for record keeping purposes.

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