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Commercial Property

Well-managed and well-structured commercial property investments can assist to ensure business success and private wealth creation.

In order to achieve the best possible deal when buying, selling or leasing commercial property, a current working knowledge of legal risk and current market trends is a must.

Quick, efficient and cost-effective commercial property negotiations should be the aim on both sides. This will assist in laying the foundations for positive long-term relationships and financial success.

Our commercial property expertise includes:

  • Buying or Selling

    In addition to providing full conveyancing services, we can advise you on and assist you to implement appropriate strategies to effectively partition legal and financial risk. We can also closely collaborate with your other professional advisers, to make sure nothing is missed.

  • Leasing

    We have extensive experience working with tenants and landlords in a variety of sectors, and we deliver the same superior service to all clients big and small. We can take care of the whole process – from negotiations and lease proposal stage right through to execution and registration. Or, we can step-in and step-out as you require.

  • Disputes and Litigation

    We offer the right balance of technical expertise and commercial judgement to ensure that legal problems are resolved on the best possible terms as soon as possible.

    Dispute resolution is our middle name; we can negotiate directly and/or facilitate access to a variety of alternative dispute resolution pathways such as arbitration, expert determination and mediation.

    Where necessary we can also expertly commence and conduct Court cases (‘litigation’).

We offer a number of different commercial property packages, including fixed fees, high-volume discounts and short or long term fixed-fee retainers.

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