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Business Law

Business law is a broad area which captures all the rules that regulate business in Australia.

With this in mind, it can be very difficult to figure out which rules apply to your business. There is a lot to think about including business structure and succession planning, as well as everything in between. Namadgi Legal has skilled business lawyers in Canberra who will help you figure out which rules apply to your business.

Coupling our knowledge of Australian business laws with years of experience, we will protect your legal and commercial interests. We can help you in multiple areas such as:

  • Contract law – Businesses frequently use contracts in their day to day activities. They may be in the areas of employment, service and supply or franchising. Regardless of the type of contract, we want to ensure that the contracts you require will protect the interests of you and your business.

  • Statutory compliance, including Australian Consumer Law, Employment Law and Corporations Law. A successful business must comply with all rules that apply to them. As a result of not following them, you may find yourself with a hefty fine or in court. Unsurprisingly, these are not good positions to be in as they will impact your business’ financial position.

  • Determining the best structure for your business, and restructuring. We want to make sure that the structure of your business matches the type of business you own so that it can run as smoothly as possible.

  • Buying, selling and leasing commercial real property

  • Buying and selling business assets, including: sale of business agreements; sale and purchase of partnership interests; and share sale agreements.

  • Insurance, including coverage advice, claim preparations, and dispute handling.

  • Another key area which business law has an impact on is succession planning. Knowing what you would like to happen to your share in the business can reduce arguments about it after you pass. Additionally, it can minimise the hardship on people left to manage the business. For more information on succession and business planning, please visit, ‘Succession Law‘.

  • Protecting your intellectual property, understanding privacy, and enjoyment of technology

  • Preventing, managing and resolving business-related disputes, and Court appearances. In the event that you are unable to personally solve a disagreement, we have experts who can help you to manage and resolve it. Additionally, we will also advise on how to prevent future disputes.

Namadgi Legal has business lawyers in Canberra to help you with all your business law needs. For your business to perform the best it can, contact us today for professional and personalised advice.

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