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Allyson Hogan

Principal Solicitor and Legal Director

Allyson describes herself as a loyal and passionate advocate for a good cause and strives to offer traditional legal services in non-traditional ways.

One of the ways Allyson does this is by offering alternate fee arrangements, bringing a modern edge to a very traditionalist profession of Canberra Lawyers making law more accessible to ordinary people.

Allyson is highly qualified and has extensive experience working in both large national law firms and smaller, local Canberra Law firms on a wide variety of cases.

As an Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation, Allyson is an expert at solving problems. Big ones, small ones, expensive ones, sensitive ones or just plain annoying ones; she has the experience and expertise to help.

With her extensive dispute resolution experience, Allyson is well-placed to advise you “when to hold ‘em; when to fold ‘em; when to walk away, and when to run – very, very, very fast!”

Allyson is also an experienced transactional lawyer, who firmly believes “prevention is better than cure” and enjoys applying her litigator’s logic and knowledge to commercial negotiations and the drafting of robust transactional documents.

Allyson has a strong sense of community and heritage and is passionate about social equality, social justice and environmental issues.

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